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Types of White Tea Leaves

White tea leaves are fragile leaf buds that undergo minimal handling to maintain their natural flavor and also aroma. Like eco-friendly and black teas, white tea has numerous health and wellness benefits consisting of anti-oxidants that help secure the heart as well as lungs. There are numerous kinds of white tea leaves and we carry a selection of them at Art of Tea. These consist of Bai Mu Dan (White Peony), Yin Zhen Bai Hao (Silver Needle), Gongmei (Homage Eyebrow), Shou Mei (Noble, Long Life Brow) as well as Fujian New Craft (DaBaiCha or DaHoaCha). One of the most valued of all the white China teas, Silver Needle is fragile leaf-buds at the point of unfurling. This white China tea undertakes the least processing and also preserves extra antioxidants than other teas. This type of Chinese white tea is selected later on in the period than Silver Needle and creates a stronger mixture. It has a smooth, sweet preference that can be appreciated without milk or added sugar. It additionally has a distinct fragrance that isn’t found in various other types of white teas. Silver Needle is expanded as well as refined specifically in Fujian district, China. This is not standardized from commercial gardens, but is hand-picked under rigorous standards passed down from the Qing Dynasty (1796 ). The 2nd most prized of all white China teas, Bai Mu Dan is picked later in the period than Silver Needle. It has a smooth, pleasant, and also slightly flower preference that can be appreciated without milk or added sweeteners. It likewise has a distinct scent that does not seem to be located in various other sorts of white teas. Bai Mu Dan is expanded and refined solely in Fujian province, which is known for producing fine teas from the Camellia sinensis plant. This is not standardized from commercial gardens, and also it is hand-picked under stringent criteria passeddown from the Qing Dynasty (1796 ). It has a mellow, soft, and velvety taste that can be taken pleasure in without milk or added sweetness. It additionally has an one-of-a-kind scent that doesn’t seem to be found in other types of white Chinese teas. This is one of one of the most popular as well as best quality white teas on the planet. It has a mellow, soft, flower and also velvety taste that can be enjoyed without milk and added sweeteners. It also has smoky notes that make it an excellent choice for mixing with other teas. These white China teas are grown as well as refined solely in Fujian province, the birth place of Chinese tea. These are not mass produced from commercial yards, yet are carefully picked under strict criteria passeddown by the Qing Empire (1796 ). They have a mellow, soft, flower, and velvety preference that can be delighted in without dairy products or sugarcoated. It additionally has smoky and also woodsy notes that make it an exceptional selection for integrating with other teas. Unlike environment-friendly as well as black teas, white tea is not terminated to stop oxidation or rolled during the production process. This lowers oxidation and also makes it one of the freshest as well as most delicate of all teas.

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