Strength training becoming essential nowadays, as young people want to look smart and be fit and for this they used to join gym but joining gym is not the final step, it is important to do all exercises and workout in the gym under supervision because it will be more dangerous to lift weight, for example, in a wrong way. It can give you lifelong injury also… So you must have knowledge about everything before you join the gym. Here below the guidelines are given for the lifting process.



1. FOLLOW THE LIFTING RULE OF “30”: “Beginner should aim that they follow the path of lifting “30” because it will help to grow your muscle, as well as enhancement of your body, results shown into your body. but do in a concentrated form; squeezing is a very important part while you lifting a weight. first set with lightweights, and in second set increase 20%of weight, last in third one increase 25-30% of weight.

 2.FORM FIRST-ALWAYS: “Technique is always very more important than the weight on the barbell rod or dumbbell”.This doesn’t mean that you use very tiny and little featherweights. It means to use the most amount of weight you can handle within a perfect form for the set amount of reps.” By doing so, you’re letting your body reinforce the way it should be moving. good posture is very necessary while doing weight training because the results are not shown to your body if you are not using proper techniques.

squat(strength training)

3. DO EXERCISES UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF EXPERT(TRAINER): It is necessary while you are lifting a weight you should have a trainer with you. because for the chest press, shoulder press or while doing a squat a supporter is needed, so it reduces the chances of injuries, on the other hand, the trainer also motivates you while lifting a keep exercise under the supervision of experts.


1. EAT HEALTHY NOT EAT LIKE A JERK: To get as strong as Arnold, you need to optimize recovery, and the first step to doing that is making sure that you’re eating a good quality of food. “if you are fit that doesn’t mean that you can eat whatever you want to eat, your nutrition level should be healthy, natural foods that come from the earth have good source of nutrients and protein.” Think grass-fed steaks, sweet potatoes, organic eggs, pulses, oats and whole-grain bread, and quality fats from homemade butter and nut butter.

2. DO NOT USE SUPPLEMENTS: “Don’t waste your money on buying fake supplement because it affects your stomach and as well as the lever. Supplements can help when you have followed a good diet. but instead of eating a supplement you can also eat egg whites and chicken breast as they are good and have a high amount of proteins. Use Whey protein, if you want to buy a supplement, but beware there are lots of fake product available in the market, purchase from only registered food supplement shop.

3. CALCULATE YOUR CALORIES: “If you want to get healthy and strong, you have to eat around 3000calories in a day, because while you are growing a muscle need lot of calories to intake, protein is the most important macronutrient to consume, with carbohydrates and fats. firstly make a bulk body because if you are going to build a muscle there is some fat also develops in your body. so bulk firstly make a muscle after that cutting your fat around your body. and always be the focus not to eat too much only 10-11 calories per body weight is necessary for building a muscle. track your weight and then go with this step.



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