List of Latest 4 Men’s Health Problems


1) Prostate Cancer:  Commonly Found in Men When it comes to Men, Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in the men other than skin cancer. This health issue commonly occurs in Men because women do not have prostates.

 List of Latest 4 Men’s Health Problems

What is Prostate?
The prostate is a gland that is accountable for the production of seminal fluid which helps in nourishment and transport of sperm in Men. Prostate cancer occurs in this gland and prostate prone to a problem as men ages.
A common sign of this cancer include difficulty in urination, but sometimes it does not show any symptom at all. The growth of this cancer take place slowly, and in some cases, it becomes severe and needs surgery, chemotherapy, and other treatments.
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2) Suicide and Depression: Threat for Men Most of the time people associate depression with bad moods, frustration, and anger it is on only limited to these symptoms only, it is much more. Depression is an emotional and mental disturbance that cause harm to the whole body system.
Depression affects body-mind coordination and makes brain chemicals and stress hormones imbalance. It has its direct hit on sleep, appetite and energy levels. Depression becomes the cause of heart diseases and causes a heart attack.

 List of Latest 4 Men’s Health Problems

Depression has the worst effects on men than on women. Both the gender express their feelings and emotions in their way, women, usually cry which is good for the release of depression. However, men usually do not express their feelings, and if they show, they show it through anger and aggression which again are negative emotions. They do not stop here; they start excessive intake of alcohol which is also health hazardous for them.
In severe cases, they take their depression to the next level and attempt suicide, and most of the tome get success in their attempts.
Note: Suicide is the 8th leading cause of death among men. Depression is curable and has proper medication and proper treatments. If you feel depressed, immediately seek help before it gets too late.

3) Erectile Dysfunction: An Obstacle for Happy life
Men are prone to Erectile Dysfunction in this particular condition they cannot keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. Erectile Dysfunction can be a sign of Psychological or physical conditions. It becomes a cause for stress, low confidence, Relationship strain and more.
This problem cannot be life-threatening, but still, it has its negative impacts on the overall health of the body. If we pay attention to figures, two-thirds of men who are older than 70 years or approximately 39 percent of 40-years old men, suffer from Erectile Dysfunction.
Erectile Dysfunction is not a threat to life, but it can be because it causes depression in men and this becomes the cause of heart diseases. If someone faces this problem, it is better to go for medication as soon as possible. Talk to your doctor and go for the appropriate treatment after his consultations.
Apart from this, You can also have some changes in your life like Quitting smoking, having less alcohol, doing exercise and maintaining proper good health.
Possible treatment for Erectile Dysfunction
• Medication
• Counseling
• Surgery
• Pumps etc.

4) Diabetes:  A Slow Killer. This is the ailment which usually begins silently and does not show any specific symptoms in starting. With the passage of time blood, sugar level goes higher and higher, and thirst and frequent urination become the final symptoms for them. The excessive amount of sugar in the blood vessels cause strokes, kidney failure and blindness are the common health disasters which are caused by diabetes. To battle with these health issues and to have protection against health problems you need to take proper care of yourself with healthy food diet and physical exercise schedule.
Men are prone to serious health issues, some of the issues are given in the blog, and these are not enough they can have more severe health issues which can be life-threatening. So to live a happy life maintaining health is crucial for both men and women after all nothing is more precious than your life.

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