1. DIVIDE YOUR MEAL: If you want to be fit, whether you are losing your weight or building a muscle divide your meal into 6 phases but not to eat too much on that 6 times. It will help you because when you ate 6 small meals throughout the will digest the food properly, rather than you ate 3 meals in a day. Food will be digesting accordingly but keep in mind avoid junk food.

2. THINK BEFORE YOU EAT: Always think before you going to eat some oily and fast food, one cheat meal (fast food) in 15 days is sufficient but not on a regular basis. If you want to be healthy and strong your immune system it is necessary to avoid junk food. So analyze what you are eating and why you are eating, then you will not eat what types of junk food.


3. CALCULATE YOUR MEAL: We must have to take that amount of food which is sufficient for our body and can easily be digested by our body as an excess amount of food or bad quality one will welcome disease in our body only. One should calculate what amount of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and fat required on daily basis. A body needs 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates, and 30% fat. So if you consume 2000 calories, about 600 should come from protein.

4. ELIMINATE SUGAR FROM YOUR DIET: Do not eat sugar and sugar refined product or drinks, because it is an empty calorie .the majority of foods with empty calories are those that contain added fat and sugar, especially in foods that include lack of nutritional values. As a result, those calories will be stored as fat, which can attribute to weight gain. We should take sugar from fruits instead of eating sugar.


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5. DO SOME EXERCISES: Do some physical activities like running,skipping rope,walking,playing game whichever you like to play, it is necessary because it helps to reduce the possibility of diseases and as being obese you have lot of diseases like heart attack, sugar, blood pressure indulged in any kind of exercises. If you don’t have time for exercises then do at least 10,000 step a day.


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