9 Best Ways to Improve Your Hemoglobin Naturally


How to Improve Hemoglobin Naturally

Hemoglobin is a protein which is found in the red blood cells which are responsible for oxygen flow in the body. It also releases oxygen to permit aerobic respiration to provide energy and power to the functions that boost metabolism.

A healthy individual needs 12 to16 grams of HB in every 100ml of blood. Deficiency of hemoglobin in the body may cause the following health issues.

General fatigue
• Pale skin
• Weakness
• Dizziness
• Shortness of breath
• A Tingling or crawling feelings in the legs
• Tongue swelling or soreness
• Cold hands and feet
• Fast or irregular heartbeat
• Brittle nails
• A headache etc

10 Best Ways to Improve Your Hemoglobin Naturally

A person can improve hemoglobin levels in the body naturally with the following different ways

1) Include More Iron in Your Diet
If someone has a deficiency of iron in his/her body, he must eat iron-rich food for the production of hemoglobin and to form more red blood cells.
Iron-rich food must include:
Meat and fish
• Soy products like figs and dates
• Broccoli
• Green leafy vegetables
• Peanut butter
• Nuts and seeds and more

2) Folate Intake
Folate is Vitamin B that plays a significant role in Hemoglobin production; vitamin B is helpful in the production of heme, a component that helps to carry oxygen.
Best Sources for Folate
• Beef
• Rice
• Peanuts
• Kidney beans
• Avocadoes
• Lettuce and more

10 Best Ways to Improve Your Hemoglobin Naturally

3) Increase Vitamin C Intakes
Lack of vitamin C can also be a cause for low hemoglobin levels, the inclusion of vitamin C rich foods in your diet can help you to improve hemoglobin levels in your body. Include following food list in your diet.
• Papaya
• Oranges
• Lemon
• Strawberries
• Bell papers
• Grapefruit
• Tomatoes
• Spinach and more

Note: Take Vitamin C supplements after consulting your doctor.

4) Beet Roots
When it comes to increasing hemoglobin levels, beetroots is one of the best options that you must take into consideration. Beetroot is high in iron, fiber, potassium, and folic acid. It is a power pack of nutritional minerals that helps to improve the body’s red blood cells count.
The best and easy way to consume healthy beetroot juice, you can make it with the help of beetroots, carrots and ½ sweet potato. Drink this juice one time a day to intake all its nutritional values.
Cook 1-2 beetroots along with their peels and cook them in a microwave or roast them on the stove. Let it cool and have it directly.

10 Best Ways to Improve Your Hemoglobin Naturally (2)

5) Apples
Apples are rich in iron, and in addition to this, it has other healthy components that one require for healthy hemoglobin count. You can eat one raw apple daily with its skin. Moreover, if you like you can also have it as juice.
In addition to this, you can mix apple juice with beetroot juice to get more health benefits.

6. Pomegranate
This is a magical fruit which has calcium, iron and other proteins, fiber and carbohydrates. Its nutritional values increase hemoglobin in blood and promote the healthy flow of blood through the whole body.
You take pomegranate in your breakfast and can have a glass of pomegranate juice on a regular basis.
In the other method, you can have 2 tbsp of dried seeds of pomegranate powder with a glass of warm milk one time a day.


7. Nettle
Nettle is an herb that plays a key role in raising your hemoglobin level. It a very good source of iron, Vitamin C, vitamin B and more.
It is easy to consume; you can easily have it by mixing it in a hot cup of water. Let it steep and for 10 minutes, strain it and add a little bit of honey. To get better results to drink this tea two times a day.

8) Say No to Iron Blockers
If you want to maintain the hemoglobin level in your body, you must avoid eating foods that make you incapable of absorbing iron. The best examples of iron-blocking foods are:
• Tea
• Wine beer
• Colas
• Alcohol
• Cigarettes and more

9) Exercise
Exercises and a good health routine helps the body to produce more hemoglobin to meet increasing demands for oxygen throughout the body.
In your exercising schedule, you can include moderate aerobic exercises. Consult a fitness trainer and physician to take some good advises on your exercising routine.

Additional Tips:
Avoid Gluten from your diet
• Eat pasta, cereals and whole grain bread
• If you are women take iron rich food to improve hemoglobin in your body.
• Tryout cold baths two times a day to improve blood circulation.

Final Words
Iron deficiency is very common in women; the above food list is crucial for them to improve iron deficiency in their body. All the foods given in the blogs are best and helpful in improving hemoglobin as well as curing the iron deficiency. Include all these foods in your diet and follow additional tips to cure the iron deficiency.

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