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Crucial Points to Examine When Selecting a Tax Preparer

During tax season, many individuals or small businesses are looking for professional accountants to help them prepare their tax returns. Taxes are very confusing, especially when it’s your first time to handle it. That is why many just choose to outsource the services to keep themselves from hassle and problems.

It is good to know that there are already several professionals who are offering tax preparation services. As you have many choices available, the question now is – how are you going to select the right professional for the job? It is very essential to take note that not all accountants or tax preparers are created equal. To help you with your choice, below are the different points you have to carefully examine.

– First, ask for their identification number. As mentioned above, you have ample of choices when it comes to accounting or tax preparation services. Although, all of them offer tax services, each has a difference. Before you hire someone to help you with your tax preparation, make sure that you choose someone who is legitimate. Ask the accountant of his identification number. It is important to take note that only certified professionals acquire this identification number. If the accountant has nothing to show you, then that’s a red flag. This would simply mean that you should consider another accounting firm. Of course, you don’t want to settle for anything less.

– Next, look for their credentials. Aside from the tax identification number, the next thing for you to examine is the credentials of the accountant you are considering. Does the accountant have certifications? What are the credentials he has right now? To work with someone who’s not qualified for the job is a no-no. Therefore, make sure that the accountant you choose has all the specific credentials required to offer you tax preparation services. Otherwise, you will just be wasting both your time and money.

– Then, get quotations from different accountants for comparison purposes. Another important point you shouldn’t neglect is the comparison of fees. Different accountants differ with their rates. To ensure that you get someone you can afford, get quotes from different professionals. Once you already have the different quotations, you need to compare them. While it’s good to choose someone within your budget, make sure you don’t compromise the services you get. It should be a qualified accountant at an affordable price.

– Another point to consider is the E-filing. Usually, tax preparers need to file ten returns for clients. In this case, it would be efficient if they file everything electronically. Since almost everyone is taking advantage of the electronic, then the one you hire must be well-versed at it. Or else, he will not be as efficient as you think he can be.

– Finally, they have to sign first. As specified by the IRS, the accountant you choose must offer their tax identification number and sign your return. If he gives you a blank return and urges you to sign it, then you must immediately walk away. The last thing that you would want to happen is learning that your accountant has put everything he wanted to steal from you.

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